Baby, it's not cold outside.

Writing, recording, reading, auditioning & piloting pilot season! 
 . . .and the city provides constant inspiration (below & there's a soundtrack element).

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Last week's, (1/30) A Prairie Home Companion was guest hosted by Chris Thile -- great show, check it out! Bits, pieces and scripts of mine all over the show (like Ketchup).  This week's will also be guest hosted by Chris Thile  (with guests Paul Simon, Andrew Bird Sarah Jarosc and Maria Bamford. So looking forward to 2/6!

Recently had the pleasure of presenting the progress on the Ora Nichols project to the Edes Foundation and the University of Chicago. I will be posting some samples of the audio in its present incarnation soon -- and a live staging is being workshopped. The Edes Foundation has just completed a website with details on prize recipient: here. My deepest gratitude to the Foundation and the University of Chicago for their support of this project with the Emerging Artist Prize. 

Barnum Effect - radio sketch comedy, which I co-produce, write and voice, has a new mini episode as we work on a full one due out this month (Feb 2016). Check it out below and subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

Still get thrill voting for the SAG Awards; proud to be part of this community! Screener haul below. 

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