Wonderland USA: the Truth Season Finale

It's summer, so why not visit the amusement park with your ears? The Truth's season finale is a series of vignettes from our writing team all set in an amusement park: Wonderworld USA. Links for listening on itunes & in your browser just below. 

My piece takes place on a rollercoaster: the Whoop d' Whoop. Could not be more pleased with the acting & production of the scene. 

Plus I voice a British Animatronic and a Reverend in the episode. (#range)

have fun & wear that sun screen. 



The Truth: In the Studio - New Ep. Next Week!

The Truth is already on to the next one! Stay tuned for two summer-themed episodes to come -- with a script of mine and some character voices here and there, too.  Photo below of recording in studio today, with the amazing Matt Whitfield vocing my script's main character & absolutely bringing it to life.  Subscribe on itunes/Rss or stream online! More at @TheTruthFiction and @LilaNewman 

Refresh that Feed: New Truth Episode

Very excited about a recent collaboration with the Truth on Radiotopia & masterful parrot sfx by Fred Newman, from Prairie Home Companion & Live from Here on American Public Media. Give it a listen! 

National Clairol Nice n' Easy Spot

I hope my voice inspires you to finally go platinum

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2018: It's on.

It's finally '18 and the Millennium is now of legal age, so you know it's going to a good year. And I've got some new headshots by Leslie Hassler to boot. 

Just wrapped on a VO for a national beauty brand commercial in the lovely Decibel Studios NYC yesterday (more to come). And boy, was I making some pretty sassy faces in that booth to myself (hashtag acting).

Several exciting acting and writing collaborations are in the works. With Radiotopia's The Truth,  -- I'm writing an episode set to drop in February, but also helped to develop and voice on a few episodes: check out Troll, Game Night. Other current collabs include: American Public Media's Live From Here (the new & updated Prairie Home Companion) and with Everyday Inferno Theatre Company devising as an actor/musician on a new work. For more on those and other projects, see: Current Collaborations.

Launching a podcast for short radio fiction ("tiny plays") very soon, work-shopping some new solo characters/acts & several more exciting things are in the works.

Do stay tuned -- @lilanewman




Enjoyed being in a reading of a new musical, How to Be An American,* last week at the Player's Club. It's not everyday that dozens of portraits of famous actors watch you perform. 

And if you happen to live in Ellicott City, Baltimore, my voice will be gracing your air-waves for the next few months as an ecstatic shopper, "Vicky V." for Giant. 

Looks like we've skipped right through Spring and onto Summer, huh?
May you wear suncreen & eat watermelon. 

*at the permission of AEA.

Layering Sun-Dresses for Warmth & Some New Links

Just wrapped up some scripts for the Prairie Home coming to you live, this Saturday, from Galveston, Texas. Tune on in: 6pm EST via your media delivery system of choice. I can almost promise there will be jokes about bolo ties.

And cut a little Voice Over demo for the listenin': 

Lastly, lots of taping this week, (including two new monologues -- The Spoils and Almost, Maine) And also, some failed slates: 

I'm bad at serious. #outtake #selftape #actorlife #slate #slatefail #actor #film #newyork #nyc

A video posted by Lila Newman (@lilanewman) on

Lastly, it seems I've made it into the dictionary of the people: Wikipedia. Thanks, kindly, anonymous internet person! 

Clip from Last Night's Prairie Home Companion - Live from Town Hall

Here's a clip (below) from Prairie Home at Town Hall last night! 
For more audio and video from the show, click here.

Garrison Keillor, Lila Newman, Sue Scott, and Rich Dworsky, with the "Anna" script on our April 2, 2016 broadcast

A *technical* Broadway debut . . .

Thrilled to say I'm performing on A Prairie Home Companion tomorrow, live from Town Hall at 6pm EST. There will also be a live video stream on the site. 

More info about the April 2nd show can be found here: link

...this also *technically* counts as a Broadway debut.
(Cue "Rose's Turn.")



Beginings & Endings

A beginning . . . Thrilled to announce that I have just signed with Ann Steele of the Ann Steele Agency for theatrical representation! I'm so pleased and very excited.  

An ending . . . The last Garrison Keillor hosted show out of the Fitzgerald Theater will be tomorrow night (the very final Keillor APHC will be several months at the Hollywood Bowl). It certainly is the end of an era, and the broadcast will be streamed live on the Prairie Home Companion website.  Heck, you may even catch a few jokes I wrote.