Update: A Play, A Podcast, A Prairie Home Companion & Pics (aka Headshots . . . but I like alliteration)

Lots of stuff in the works: 

Some Prairie Home Companion Scripts in the show these past weeks. In particular, check out the Mom script from last week's show live from Town Hall in NYC: listen here. And a Ketchup script from Town Hall on November 15th. Video below:  


Barnum Effect, a radio sketch show I co-produce with Sarah Rosenshine, is up on iTunes and Stitcher. We just released a new episode. We're dropping a new one every two weeks -- so, subscribe away. 

Also, I'm in a new play called About Face going up at the end of December at the Brick Theater in Williamsburg. Here's the website with more info. 

Annnnnnnnd new headshots by the fantastic Jeff Mosier. Take a gander: Headshots.