"Catsup" Script on A Prairie Home Companion: San Diego - 1/4/14

I've taken Spanish, I speak it pretty well . . . . 
Ok, so my vocab has been slipping since college. The word for "basement" (sótano)  or "having dactylic stress, accented on the antepenult" (esdrújula) often come to mind but basic and uninteresting words are gone -- lightbulb, for instance.  It seems my brain is attracted to shiny, three-syllable words. 

Also, my accent confuses people because it's from Spain instead of South America, so it sounds like I am some pompous idiot in a metaphorical top-hat when I say words like "música"  as "muthhhhhhhhhica." 

But I digress. Recalculating route. . . .

Stupid revelations can be useful; for example, burrito means "little donkey." I went through college, prime burrito eating years, without once realizing that. For further reading: there's a burrito scholar online and his academic paper was invaluable to understanding the burrito and its glorious, several-hundred year history. (That's what happens when a stoner gets doctoral funding. You should really see this guy's essay on "nacho fries" -- revelatory.)

So any, my silly revelation went in a script for A Prairie Home Companion this week (of course with some edits).

Script link here

Bit on Prairie Home: "Contemporary Christmas Carols"

Fantastic, energetic APHC this week! 

It's always interesting to see how my submissions are used in the show. This bit was an "English Majors" sketch which was then incorporated into Guy Noir on the December 14, 2013 broadcast from The Town Hall, NYC.

"Contemporary Christmas Carols"
Excerpt from sketch: "Hey Don’t Be Sad You Guys Out There " (aka "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen") 

Hey don’t be sad you guys out there 
Don’t let stuff get you down 
‘Cause Jesus he was born you know and he will be your friend 
To make sure you don’t do bad stuff and hang out with bad friends 
So chill out and cheer up 
Chill and cheer up 
So chill out and cheer up

Here's the full script for context -- Paul Shaffer played a Lutheran organist!