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Lila writes and contributes comedy sketches to Live From Here with Chris Thile on American Public Media. In Fall 2017, Lila began collaborating with Radiotopia's  The Truth -- writing, developing and voicing episodes bi-monthy episodes. She is currently working on a play about Ora Nichols, the pioneer of Golden Age Radio Sound Effects for which she was awarded the Edes Prize for Emerging Artists from the Edes Foundation and the University of Chicago. For more on that project including interviews and images, please see: Edes Grant Project: Ora Nichols

Recent episode with the Truth on Radiotopia: 

Selections from Live From Here with Chris Thile on American Public Media: 


Selected pieces from A Prairie Home Companion

Gallery of few YouTube segments recorded live during the APHC broadcast: 

"Mom" Script - December 7, 2013 - The Town Hall, New York City
"Catsup" Script - January 4, 2014 - San Diego Civic Theatre, San Diego

Selected sketches from Barnum Effect - Radio Sketch Comedy:

Barnum Effect is radio sketch comedy for people with tote bags. All-new shows twice-monthly. 

For more, see BarnumEffect.com. Also streaming on SoundCloud, Stitcher & iTunes