Enjoyed being in a reading of a new musical, How to Be An American,* last week at the Player's Club. It's not everyday that dozens of portraits of famous actors watch you perform. 

And if you happen to live in Ellicott City, Baltimore, my voice will be gracing your air-waves for the next few months as an ecstatic shopper, "Vicky V." for Giant. 

Looks like we've skipped right through Spring and onto Summer, huh?
May you wear suncreen & eat watermelon. 

*at the permission of AEA.

Layering Sun-Dresses for Warmth & Some New Links

Just wrapped up some scripts for the Prairie Home coming to you live, this Saturday, from Galveston, Texas. Tune on in: 6pm EST via your media delivery system of choice. I can almost promise there will be jokes about bolo ties.

And cut a little Voice Over demo for the listenin': 

Lastly, lots of taping this week, (including two new monologues -- The Spoils and Almost, Maine) And also, some failed slates: 

I'm bad at serious. #outtake #selftape #actorlife #slate #slatefail #actor #film #newyork #nyc

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Lastly, it seems I've made it into the dictionary of the people: Wikipedia. Thanks, kindly, anonymous internet person! 

Clip from Last Night's Prairie Home Companion - Live from Town Hall

Here's a clip (below) from Prairie Home at Town Hall last night! 
For more audio and video from the show, click here.

Garrison Keillor, Lila Newman, Sue Scott, and Rich Dworsky, with the "Anna" script on our April 2, 2016 broadcast

A *technical* Broadway debut . . .

Thrilled to say I'm performing on A Prairie Home Companion tomorrow, live from Town Hall at 6pm EST. There will also be a live video stream on the site. 

More info about the April 2nd show can be found here: link

...this also *technically* counts as a Broadway debut.
(Cue "Rose's Turn.")



Beginings & Endings

A beginning . . . Thrilled to announce that I have just signed with Ann Steele of the Ann Steele Agency for theatrical representation! I'm so pleased and very excited.  

An ending . . . The last Garrison Keillor hosted show out of the Fitzgerald Theater will be tomorrow night (the very final Keillor APHC will be several months at the Hollywood Bowl). It certainly is the end of an era, and the broadcast will be streamed live on the Prairie Home Companion website.  Heck, you may even catch a few jokes I wrote.





Baby, it's not cold outside.

Writing, recording, reading, auditioning & piloting pilot season! 
 . . .and the city provides constant inspiration (below & there's a soundtrack element).

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Last week's, (1/30) A Prairie Home Companion was guest hosted by Chris Thile -- great show, check it out! Bits, pieces and scripts of mine all over the show (like Ketchup).  This week's will also be guest hosted by Chris Thile  (with guests Paul Simon, Andrew Bird Sarah Jarosc and Maria Bamford. So looking forward to 2/6!

Recently had the pleasure of presenting the progress on the Ora Nichols project to the Edes Foundation and the University of Chicago. I will be posting some samples of the audio in its present incarnation soon -- and a live staging is being workshopped. The Edes Foundation has just completed a website with details on prize recipient: here. My deepest gratitude to the Foundation and the University of Chicago for their support of this project with the Emerging Artist Prize. 

Barnum Effect - radio sketch comedy, which I co-produce, write and voice, has a new mini episode as we work on a full one due out this month (Feb 2016). Check it out below and subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

Still get thrill voting for the SAG Awards; proud to be part of this community! Screener haul below. 

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Find me on Instagram & Twitter for more updates! Also, I've been hanging out with a cow. 

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A Summer Roundup:

Soon, in the dead of winter, I will look back and marvel on humidity such as this. It's Summer in New York, everything is green and bustling and smelling like hot garbage. The Mister Softee truck circulates and living is easier. 

Little feature in the UChicago Alum Mag, The Core about the Edes Prize Grant project I've been working on this year. For more on Ora Nichols and the project please click here

I'm pleased to announce that Access Talent will be representing my Voice Over work. Excited to be working with these lovely folks. 

Lastly: Barnum Effect: radio sketch podcast, has been on a summer break -- but we're back and with a new, documentary style episode (below). And subscribe & rate on iTunes

It's May, it's May!

Readings, articles and radio shows this month.

Pleased to announce that I will be partnering with director Slava Stepnov of the Steps Theatre Company for the reading of a new play White on White -- I'll also be playing banjo, uke, and singing. Reading is on May 30th -- 5pm. Full event details here.

Tech Insider Article:
Excited to announce that I have begun writing for Business Insider: Life section -- Selfie-Apps: Should I Edit My Photos.

The quickest makeover ever.

Posted by Business Insider Australia on Saturday, May 16, 2015

Radio Sketch: 
And the newest episode of Barnum Effect -- radio sketch comedy show -- has just dropped. Episode 11! 

April Happenings

East Meets Midwest:

Love having A Prairie Home Companion live from Town Hall for April. Had scripts in last week and an on air credit. Check out the full broadcast, scripts and photos from the April 11th show here.  And here's a blurry photo post broadcast: 

Barnum Effect & NY Transit Museum: Platform Collaboration

Barnum Effect performed a live radio sketch comedy show from an old BRT Brooklyn Union rail car at the New York Transit Museum! Check out the full live audio below & subscribe via iTunes.

And here's some shots from the evening, thanks to @thelizhunter! Full gallery here.

Barnum Effect Collaboration with the New York Transit Museum

Barnum Effect (latest episode) is pleased to announce a collaboration with the New York Transit Museum: Platforms, coming up on April 1st. A live, recorded radio show will be mounted in a 1930 train car! 

For more on the Platform installation and the New York Transit Museum please see their Tumblr post, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Barnum Effect’s All Ears: A short, comic radio piece performed and recorded live in a Triplex car from 1928 and set in the era of the car's operation. Barnum Effect is a radio sketch comedy group seeking to renew radio comedy in the U.S. and explore the capabilities of the medium. In the recording process, Barnum Effect combines Golden Age radio techniques with modern comedy to create a fresh take on a classic form

Here we are checking out the acoustics: 

Update: A Play, A Podcast, A Prairie Home Companion & Pics (aka Headshots . . . but I like alliteration)

Lots of stuff in the works: 

Some Prairie Home Companion Scripts in the show these past weeks. In particular, check out the Mom script from last week's show live from Town Hall in NYC: listen here. And a Ketchup script from Town Hall on November 15th. Video below:  


Barnum Effect, a radio sketch show I co-produce with Sarah Rosenshine, is up on iTunes and Stitcher. We just released a new episode. We're dropping a new one every two weeks -- so, subscribe away. 

Also, I'm in a new play called About Face going up at the end of December at the Brick Theater in Williamsburg. Here's the website with more info. 

Annnnnnnnd new headshots by the fantastic Jeff Mosier. Take a gander: Headshots.


Real DC Daughters!

Fun new graphic from Alpha House.
Season 2 of Alpha House Streaming now on Amazon Prime: http://amzn.to/10nX0Cr

Real Daughters of DC . . .

Binge all episodes of Alpha House on any type of device you may have right here.

Alpha House Season 2: Binge-Watchable Today on Amazon!

Alpha House Season 2 available for streaming today on Amazon!

Order a pizza! Watch it all in one sitting!!

Check out this great review from Dominic Patten on Deadspin and another from LA Times here. And here's a great piece on the making of the show on The Daily Beast!

For more up-to-date articles and clips on Alpha House, check out the Alpha House Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And of course, stream it all on Amazon.

Here's a little feature on John Goodman's Character -- Gil John Biggs -- and how I, Charlotte "Cee" Biggs, complicate his life:

Photo from @Alphahouse

Amazon's Alpha House: Sneak Peek

Alpha House posted a little sneak peek of Gil John Biggs (John Goodman) vs. Charlotte "Cee" Biggs (Me)! Check it out the Alpha House Facebook Page: here.

Show drops 10/24 for binge-viewing, exclusively on Amazon Prime!

Here are a few screen grabs below, from the Amazon Original: Alpha House Season 2. More detailed show info on my IMDB page

Alpha House: Season 2 Trailer

Alpha House Season 2! October 24th! Amazon Prime! 

Check out the new Season 2 trailer on Twitter or Facebook  -- and follow/like for more! Catch up on Season 1 (first three episodes are streaming free) so you'll be ready for Season 2.

So proud to be involved on this project: it's brilliant and hilarious. Can't wait to see it!