Everyday Inferno: A Map to Somewhere Else

I'm so pleased to be working with the brilliant Everyday Inferno Theater Company again! I was just cast in their upcoming production:

A Map to Somewhere Else, an NYC premiere production
Written by Reina Hardy.
Director: Anaïs Koivisto, Producer: Katherine Sommer.
Performances 6/19-6/28

About the Production: 
A Map to Somewhere Else is a comic drama with fantastic elements and three or four songs. It deals with the tender, heroic, stupid, elaborate imagined worlds that many supposed ordinary people spent half their lives in as children, and abandoned as they grew. So what happened to them? Are they still there? Do they miss us?

Can't wait to get started exploring my role: FRANGIBELLE, An Oracle: Female. Ancient. Brilliant, bossy, and occasionally incomprehensible. Actor must have strong movement skills.